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Positive Caesarean Workshop 

Plan for a positive Caesarean £120 Per couple 

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Welcome to The Positive Caesarean Workshop. Whether you have already attended a Hypnobirthing or antenatal course and you were planning to birth vaginally but your circumstances have now changed.

Or you are electing to have a caesarean section for personal choice or a medical reason this workshop is for you.

The workshop is aimed at anyone having an Elective Caesarean Birth. It may feel like you no longer have any options for your birth if you are planning an elective caesarean birth.
I am here to tell you this just isn’t the case. There are still many things for you to consider and many steps you can take to prepare for a positive caesarean birth experience.

During this workshop we will look at exactly what you can expect during the caesarean birth, how to prepare and how to support your recovery afterwards.

Your relationship with your new baby will be a huge part of your considerations for your caesarean birth preferences. We will explore things that you can do to encourage bonding and breastfeeding if that is your choice.

If you have any medical concerns during your pregnancy please contact your care providers such as your midwife or GP. This programme is not a replacement for professionalmedical advice

What you will Learn-

  •  That a Caesarean Birth can be a positive experience for a baby, pregnant person and their birth partner

  • What a Caesarean Birth is? 

  • To look forward, optimistically, to a gentle, safe, calm, comfortable and stress free birth 

  • How to release any fears that may be associated with a caesarean birth

  • How to relax deeply and quickly using breathing techniques, visualisations and Mp3’s

  • How to promote the production of your hormones to promote bonding and feeding after a caesarean birth

  • Breathing techniques that work with your body to maximise your body’s natural relaxation responses

  • The knowledge and power to navigate pregnancy & birth if things don’t go as you have planned/hoped

  • What happens before, during and after your caesarean birth and what to expect

  • Top tips for recovery

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