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''Her calm nature and experience in the field has been so so useful, and even without her there I have used the techniques learnt to support myself when I have these little niggles. She has been so open to communication and helpful no matter the time, and has been a constant source of support thank you Lily!!''

Candice, P


''Lily was an amazing help when myself and baby came home from hospital. I was worried because we had had issues with feeding in hospital, but Lily was so calm and reassuring and helped me to find comfortable feeding positions for both of us! We have then managed to successfully breastfeed using the techniques Lily gave us. Since her visit, she has given me brilliant advice when needed which has been invaluable as a new, first time mum. Thank you Lily!''

Rachel, B

''Lily is such a knowledgeable and friendly fellow mumma! Her advice throughout my pregnancy (and beyond!) was invaluable and I can't thank her enough for it. I would recommend her without hesitation to any other mums / mums-to-be :)''

Amanda, M

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