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Hypnobirthing Courses 

I believe everyone can plan for positive birth which is why I offer a range of different of Hypnobirthing courses to suit everyone's time, budget and birth!

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What is Hypnobirthing? 

Complete Hypnobirthing course 

8hr Private one-to-one Complete Hypnobirthing Course 

8 hrs

£275 Per Couple

“For me, Hypnobirthing is about preparing for a positive birth, using techniques and informed decision making tools so you feel confident and in control of your birth. Your baby, Your Birth, Your Way.” ~Lily~ 

Hypnobirthing 3 Hour Workshop 

Private 3hr Hypnobirthing Workshop 

A whistle-stop guide to hypnobirthing 

3 hrs

£120 Per Couple

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Positive Caesarean Workshop

Plan for a positive Caesarean in a private 1-2-1 setting 
3 hrs 
£120 Per Couple
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