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3 Step Rewind Trauma Recovery Technique


Easing and releasing signs of trauma or PTSD

£150 per Course

Holding Hands

What is 3 Step Rewind?

The 3 Step Rewind is a gentle and safe way of working with people to lift the heavy feelings and symptoms of trauma or PTSD. It is thought around 40% of people experience birth trauma, PTSD or trauma related to childbirth and the early postnatal period.

The feelings of anxiety, anger, sensations of hyper vigilance and avoiding the memory can remain long after a difficult or traumatic birth, postnatal or breastfeeding experience, or any other perinatal trauma.

The 3 Step Rewind is a simple but highly effective technique to move someone through their past traumatic experience (if they want to), to understand its current impact on their day to day life, before glancing ahead to a future where they can cope differently.


Working with me over 2 to 3 sessions you will:

  • 1.Share your experience of the trauma you wish to move on from (should you want to tell it).

  • 2. Using deep relaxation and visualisations remembering the event, in safe and secure way.

  • 3. Projecting forward any new positive changes, imagining thriving in the future. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or would like a free consultation to see if it is right for you.

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