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Why have a Doula?

  • A reduced risk of Caesarean Birth

  • A reduced risk of instrumental birth

  • A reduced need for pain killers and epidurals during birth

  • A reduced rate of induction

  • A shorter labour

  • Increased parental satisfaction of the birth experience

  • Increased likelihood of initiating breastfeeding

  • Increased likelihood of successfully establishing breastfeeding 

  • A lower instance of postnatal depressive symptoms


"A person who gives support, help and advice to another person during pregnancy, during and after the birth."

The Oxford English Dictionary

What Doulas Do

Doula's are highly trained to offer physical and emotional support as well as, evidence based information to birthing people and the birth partner antenatally, during labour, birth and in the immediate post-natal period. With the support of a Doula many people have been able to achieve a positive birth with a reduced use of epidurals, opioid pain relief and decreased instance of medical intervention and Caesarean birth.


A Doula can support the family to help them feel empowered to communicate their needs and desires to allow them to achieve a positive birth experience however they choose to birth.


Doula's are able to provide support by providing personalised continuity of care throughout pregnancy and birth. They are trained to provide specific labour support techniques and strategies which can be personalised for your and your family's specific situation. This support can empower the birthing person and parter to achieve the birth that they choose and to open up and facilitate conversations with them and their medical caregivers. 


I have been trained as a Doula with Developing Doulas and am registered on Doula U.K. I am currently working with a mentor to get full accreditation on the Doula U.K website. 


What I offer 

After our initial meeting, you would have 2 or 3 more home visits antenatally with myself and birth partner if you have one. At these meetings we can discuss birth preferences and make a birth plan. I can share my extensive knowledge and experience to share evidence based information around birth positions, massage, breathing techniques and pain management options. 

With me as your Doula you will receive my 'Doula in your pocket' service and benefit from ongoing phone call and Whats App support during the pregnancy, allowing for true continuity of care and I will be on call from 38 weeks of pregnancy until the birth of your baby. I can attend the birth to support you and your birth parter (if you have one) both physically and emotionally. 

I will offer my support in the few hours post birth and can help establish the first feed and then meet once more postnatally for a final visit (unless you also fancy a postnatal Doula too).  

Birth Packages, build a package to suit you.

Birth Doula Package 

  • Free initial consultation 

  • 2-3 home visits 

  • birth planning 

  • postnatal prep session 

  • information on pain management, optimal birth positions, massage and breathing techniques. 

  • Doula in my pocket call and Whats App support 

  • on call for the birth from 38 weeks

  • attend the birth 

  • one postnatal visit

Why not add on Hypnobirthing and breastfeeding Support? I offer a generous reduction on my other services when you book me as your Birth Doula. 

Postnatal Doula Packages 

  • Antenatal Postnatal Prep Session 

  • in person emotional and physical support

  • meal prep 

  • signposting to resources 

  • breastfeeding support 

  • Doula in my pocket call and Whats App support 

  • birth debreif 

Contact me now to discus prices and packages 

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